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Shultz Lot Purchase

Shultz lot purchase

The Bourne Conservation Trust (BCT) is purchasing a one-acre building lot (Shultz Lot) at the corner of Scraggy Neck Extension and County Road in Cataumet. This property is on a well travelled access to Cataumet Village and will compliment the acre, Cobb Corner, already owned by the BCT on the opposite corner. The new parcel was recently cleared of thick underbrush, returning it to the primarily open condition enjoyed many years ago. In the fall, the BCT plans to seed the area in meadow grasses and wildflowers.

The BCT needs to raise $185,000 to cover the purchase price and expenses. It is hoped that there will be broad community support to save and maintain this property.

If you would like to contribute, please use our online Shultz Lot Purchase - DONATION FORM to fill out, print and mail together with your donation to: Bourne Conservation Trust, Box 203, Cataumet, MA 02534-0203

shultz lot purchase progress

Lawrence Island

The first land purchased by the BCT was Lawrence Island in 1985 for $150,000. Enjoy the Lawrence Island slideshow. Photos may take a few seconds to load.

Lawrence Island Slideshow
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Lawrence Island

Red Brook Pond

Red Brook Pond Slideshow
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Red Brook Pond

More BCT Properties

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Red Brook Pond

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The Bourne Conservation Trust is a private nonprofit land trust with a primary objective of acquiring land and leaving it in its natural state to: protect habitats, provide groundwater recharge, preserve rural ambience, and make it available for recreational and educational purposes. The BCT owns and maintains over 200 acres of open space. Miles of walking trails thread their way through these protected woods and waterfront areas.

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Note: The BCT is tax exempt from federal income tax under section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Within IRS guidelines, contributions may be tax deductible from your taxable income. Please consult your tax advisor for more information. The BCT Tax ID Number (TIN) is: 04-2767827.

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